Vision: to achieve rapture through visual art


noun:  intense pleasure and delight

synonyms:  beatitude, bliss, buoyancy, cool, delectation, ecstasy,

elysium, elation, enchantment, enjoyment, euphoria, exhilaration, inspiration,

nirvana, paradise, passion, pleasure, ravishment

Art Rapture’s 2016 inaugural event focused on a blend of pop, urban, and contemporary art.  Featuring 15 talented artists from around Canada.  We sold 72 works of art to sellout crowds while supporting the fight against homelessness in our country.  The success of Art Rapture far exceeded our expectations (2016 highlights here) and with that momentum we are committed to rolling out a more elaborate exhibition to tantalize your senses.  In September 2017, we are proud to showcase an inspired, well-curated experience of local and international talent.

This theme is taken straight out of Al Capone’s playbook.  During the Prohibition era of the 1920’s, the infamous bootlegger, Al Capone, commented, “Prohibition made nothing but trouble.”  Even though the term prohibition immediately draws attention to the distribution of illicit alcohol and mobsters, there are deeper perspectives to the term prohibition and its impact on society.

For millennia, people in power have been forcing their views and laws on the backs of everyday people by prohibiting natural medicines, artistic expression, freedoms and education, to name a few.  At times, these laws stifle innovation, freedom of speech and basic human rights for those simply trying to find meaning and make progress in our world.  We live in a global society where people in numerous countries are being jailed and punished for smoking plants, expressing their individuality, marching for choice and exposing corruption in government.

Art Rapture’s 2017 exhibition is a holistic view on term prohibition, and, its impact.  There are many avenues in which prohibition can evoque thought and draw inspiration.  Regardless of where the participating artists pull influence from, we guarantee one thing for 2017:

A Whole Lot of Trouble!

Vancouver's art scene got lit!

Highlights from Vancouver 2016

Check out the stats and highlights from Art Rapture’s inaugural show below:


urban, pop & contemporary

Art Rapture connects with the viewer’s psyche through vibrant, dynamic, engaging, contemporary art.

Project Description:  Art Rapture is a curated art experience in the heart of Vancouver’s Mt. Pleasant art & media district.  At the core of this mammoth show is artwork that bends boundaries of the traditional Canadian landscape.  With a central theme of “rapture” the contemporary art screams off the walls, burning the retina with visions of euphoria, ravishment, wit, provocation and colour.

The secured, 3500+ square foot venue is positively unique.  Patrons are blissfully teased by awe inspiring mural-sized paintings on 20 foot concrete walls.  To portray a raw, urban context; art & installations are featured on several custom built, metal-clad, art-purposed walls.

The 2016 artist lineup was exceptional.  These critically acclaimed artists brought an urban flavour to Vancouver’s art scene ubiquitous to art movements in NYC, LA, London, Berlin, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires & Paris.

Brace yourself, Vancouver, for Art Rapture 2017.   #FeelTheRapture

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2017 sponsors





We are very thankful for the generous support from the amazing organizations who truly value art & culture in their community.  For further information regarding sponsorship opportunities at Art Rapture, please contact:


raised over $5500 in 2016



Art Rapture donated $5712 from art sales to The Push For Change, a Canadian charity focused on eliminating youth homelessness.

On May 1, 2016, Joe Roberts, former homeless youth, embarked on a massive 17 month, 9000km journey while pushing  a shopping cart across Canada to raise awareness and dollars to end youth homelessness.

This national trek began on May 1, 2016 from St. John’s Newfoundland and will end September 30, 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Throughout this journey, Joe is engaging with Canada’s population by stopping at over 300 secondary schools and immersing his passion in over 200 community engagements.

The Art Rapture team encourages you to support The Push For Change by visiting their website (, becoming familiar with the challenges our nation faces with youth homelessness, and finding ways to help make a difference in our community.  You can check out Joe’s journey here: