noun:  intense pleasure and delight
synonyms:  beatitude, bliss, buoyancy, cool, delectation, ecstasy,
elysium, elation, enchantment, enjoyment, euphoria, exhilaration, inspiration,
nirvana, paradise, passion, pleasure, ravishment

Art Rapture is focused on bending the boundaries of the traditional Canadian landscape through art.  We showcase a blend of pop, urban, and contemporary art.  Since 2016, we have successfully exhibited over 75 talented artists including Okuda San Miguel, Ola Volo, iHeart, William D. Higginson, Lauren Brevner, Sean Jantzi, Bracken, Denial, Michelle Tanguay, Taka Sudo, Scott Sueme and Olga Rybalko among many other exceptionally skilled artists.  We’ve placed hundreds of artworks in the hands of exuberant collectors.  Art Rapture is excited to carry the momentum forward and is committed to providing exquisite artwork and exhibitions to tantalize your senses for years to come.

Two foundational principles guide our approach to collectors whether they are first time art buyers or seasoned art addicts.

1. Love your collection: only acquire what you love and you will never make a bad decision.

2. Evolve your collection: once you find what you love, take your collection to the next level.

"The goal in life is rapture. Art is the way we experience it." - Joseph Campbell

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RAISED OVER $23,000 SINCE 2016

Art Rapture is committed to supporting charities that impact our local community. Since 2016, we have raise over $23,000 for the YWCA Metro Vancouver, Red Cross Humanitarian Efforts, The Writer's Exchange, Feed The Frontline Canada, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Dr. Peter Aids Foundation and The Push For Change.