iHeart - NLM Print Release

An iHeart x Art Rapture production.  This silkscreen print release is in celebration of the 5 Year anniversary of one of the most the critically acclaimed, iHeart original stencil works of his career, "Nobody Likes Me."  iHeart masterfully executed this iconic painting in Vancouver, BC, and was touted to be the second most important street art piece, globally of 2014 by the reputable street art media outlet, streetartnews.net.  Furthermore, the popularity of "Nobody Likes Me" was catapulted when Banksy shared the piece via his own social media profile, and has since garnered major attention as being the profile picture of the juggernaut media outlet, Street Art Globe who maintains over 4 million followers on Facebook and over 19 million followers on their Instagram page!  Read some of iHeart's comments on the 2014 painting via Huffington Post.

The prints release was well received by fans and collectors from around the world.  Nobody likes me limited edition works ended up in the hands of collectors from Australia, UK, Holland, Norway, Belgium, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.  Local fans in Vancouver were able to get a sneak peek and acquire works before the online release  Photos of the private opening and the print process are below.