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Sean Jantzi is a painter and multi-media artist based out of Vancouver, Canada.In today's social media landscape, where stories are habitually shared, followed, craved and desired, Jantzi's art contemplates personal experience in an enduring medium. Luminescent hues and crisp contours emulate a world transversing between the digital and physical world.

SK8. by Sean Jantzi

SK8. is Sean Jantzi's first generative digital NFT art collection/drop, in partnership with the brilliant team at Async Art. This series of one hundred unique works is derived from over 25 unique attributes and includes one additional legendary NFT artwork, "SK8. POOL."

Jantzi's unique PoV style blends a modern flair with retro influence from Pop Art greats such as Tom Wesselmann and David Hockney. Sean has a deep rooted love for nostalgia and vibrant times that emanate from his body of artwork.

Each collector will be eligible to win a one of one hand drawn SK8. sketch on paper, signed by Sean Jantzi. The winner will be randomly selected after all 100 SK8. artworks are minted and announced on Sean Jantzi's Twitter and IG handles.

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Jantzi's paintings and digital artwork are collected globally. Below are examples of his highly sought after artwork:

Image 1: "Picture Perfect (after Hockney)" sold for .95ETH

Image 2: "The Romantic" (edition of 3) sold for .75ETH each

Image 3: "Still Life with Perfume" private collection of Paul Becker, chief curator.

Image 4: "Pool Time" sold for .95ETH

Additionally you can view "POV" Sean's solo exhibition of physical paintings curated by Art Rapture HERE.

For digitial artwork, please check out Sean's collection on KnownOrigin.

IG: @seanjantzi

Twitter: @sean_jantzi



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Sean Jantzi IG: @seanjantzi

Twitter: @art_rapture

IG: @artrapture