Along with a collective of talented artists, Art Rapture has immersed itself into the highly reputable NFT marketplaces of,,, and The NFTs available for acquisition are mostly based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.  In many cases an ETH crypto wallet or Credit Card is required to collect the authentic & unique digital artwork.

What are NFTs?  This article from coindesk breaks it down.  

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What is a Nifty?

For you to fully understand the potential of Nifties and understand what our mission is at Nifty Gateway, a detailed explanation of Nifties is necessary.

The best way of wrapping your head around what a Nifty is (also known as a non-fungible token and NFT) is to compare it to real world examples.

Non-Fungible? What does that mean?

Fungibility simply refers to assets that are completely interchangeable. If I lend you a dollar bill and you pay me back later with a different dollar bill, it does not matter. Both bills have the same value. A non-fungible asset refers to an item that is not interchangeable. For example, a plane ticket. All plane tickets have different names, destinations, etc. which means that each one is completely unique.

How does this relate to the digital world?

A Nifty is a digital collectible. Digital collectibles have existed for a while, but their full potential had not been unlocked until the emergence of Nifties. This is because Nifties incorporate blockchain technology, which gives them a myriad of benefits over traditional digital collectibles.

What is the future for Nifties?

NFTs are growing in popularity, and becoming increasing relevant for many industries and people. That said, many people haven't heard of Nifties, or don't know how to use cryptocurrency. 

With Nifty Gateway, the user does not need to own cryptocurrency to purchase Nifties on our marketplace. There is a simple credit card checkout which solves the issue of a non-user friendly platform.

How do I sign up for Nifty Gateway?

Click the button to sign up/login located in the top right corner of our landing page. You can also use the signup link here.

You will need to enter a valid email address, choose a username, enter your name, and choose a password. Then you are all set up with a Nifty Gateway account!

Types of Drops on Nifty Gateway with Ola Volo

Nifty Gateway utilizes a variety of different mechanics for participating in primary market sales of NFTs. In simpler terms, these are just different ways you can buy your Nifties. We'll explain a few of the purchase methods for the Ola Volo drop on January 11th, 2022. 

Open Editions - Open Edition nifties are set to a fixed price (e.g., $444) and will be available to purchase for a set amount of time (e.g., 30 minutes) once the drop period begins. The number of purchases will be equal to the number of editions purchased will dictate the number of nifties minted and distributed to collectors. Often delivery of Open Edition nifties is not immediate, as popular collections may take a few hours to mint, at which point they will appear in your account. 

Ranked Auctions - Ranked Auction Nifties are similar to silent auctions but defer in that all bids submitted by collectors are publicly viewable. Once the auction period has concluded, the highest 5 bidders will all receive one of the available editions, and will pay the price that they bid on the piece.

Drawings - Drawings were designed to level the playing field for all collectors. Drawings will have a set number of editions available (e.g., 20) and will be available to enter for a set amount of time (e.g., 30 minutes). Once the drawing period begins, collectors that meet the specified requirements can enter the drawing. For the Ola Volo drawing, you simply need a validated profile and payment method. 

Once the entry period concludes, winners will be randomly selected and automatically charged for the price of the nifty. 

  • Edition #'s will be randomly assigned
  • Only one entry per user unless otherwise specified
  • You must have a validated profile and payment method to enter
  • If payment cannot be processed at selection time a new winner will be selected


KnownOrigin. and Art Rapture have entered into a unique partnership whereby Art Rapture curates a collective of artists that provide a fresh collecting opportunity for art aficionados, local and abroad.

In order to collect NFT artwork on KnownOrigin. you will require a profile.  Here is a video from KnownOrigin. on how to set up your profile

Note, that all transactions are complete on the Ethereum blockchain, which means you do require a crypto wallet with ETH.  This is described in the link above.

Members of the Art Rapture collective on include (click to view):

As always, quality and exclusivity are woven in to the core of Art Rapture. Our selected NFT artworks undergo a strict curation process to ensure a high degree of collectibility and value.

Stay tuned for more details as we plan on bridging our physical art collection with digital NFT art acquisition opportunities.

Art Rapture's 2 rules of collecting:

1.  Love your collection

2.  Evolve your collection


Past Art Rapture curated drops:


A curated drop on Nifty Gateway!

JANUARY 11, 2022

Queens of Lush is a collection of 5 original works of art, specifically created for the Nifty Gateway experience.  Each queen exposes us to the indulgence, elegance and majesty of Ola Volo’s favorite subject, Queens.  In this collection we present one programmable work of art, Queen with Martini, two animated works, Queen with Orange and Queen with Peacock that work wonderfully on loop, and finally, two still artworks, Queen with Snake and Queen with Swans that showcase the powerful presence of an Ola Volo Queen.  Happy Collecting!

View the collection on Nifty Gateway - QUEENS OF LUSH

Limited editions (drawings) and auction piece view HERE

Open Editions (limited to 30 minutes) view HERE