Along with a collective of talented artists, Art Rapture has a new partnership with the highly reputable NFT marketplace,  The NFTs available for acquisition are based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.  An ETH crypto wallet is required to collect the authentic & unique digital artwork.

What are NFTs?  This article from coindesk breaks it down. 

KnownOrigin. and Art Rapture have entered into a unique partnership whereby Art Rapture curates a collective of artists that provide a fresh collecting opportunity for art aficionados, local and abroad.

In order to collect NFT artwork on KnownOrigin. you will require a profile.  Here is a video from KnownOrigin. on how to set up your profile

Note, that all transactions are complete on the Ethereum blockchain, which means you do require a crypto wallet with ETH.  This is described in the link above.

Members of the Art Rapture collective include (click to view):

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As always, quality and exclusivity are woven in to the core of Art Rapture. Our selected NFT artworks undergo a strict curation process to ensure a high degree of collectibility and value.

Stay tuned for more details as we plan on bridging our physical art collection with digital NFT art acquisition opportunities.

Art Rapture's 2 rules of collecting:

1.  Love your collection

2.  Evolve your collection