iHeart x Nifty "Hollowgram"

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May 18th, 2022

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Ryan E. Watson



Upcoming ‘Hollowgram’ release, marks the return of international street art heavyweight, iHeart.


Creator of the now iconic, ‘Nobody Likes Me’, which garnered Banksy’s attention, is releasing the ‘Feedback Loop’ collection and it is poised to capture an undiscovered wall and the NFT space, simultaneously.  


VANCOUVER (May 18, 2022) - With jarring epigrams, iHeart seized international recognition and world ranking (#2) in 2014. On May 25th, the harsh stenciling and pithy satire meet again in a collection that bridges street art and digital media, and will ultimately see the ‘Hollowgram’ work delivered against a wall in a city unknown. Unknown, until the gavel falls. 

The auction, his genesis project with Nifty Gateway, features the exclusivity of a one of one art object, with the accessibility of public display. ‘Hollowgram’, will be painted - by iHeart - in the winning bidder’s hometown. One of many, seeming contradictions throughout his work, iHeart often blends comfort and familiarity with the harsh or disturbing. In ‘VR’, another work in the collection, an iconic character is animated as ‘glitching’ between the physical and digital worlds. The ‘Missing Piece’, reviving innocence and obviousness both, completes the image in animated and still versions with truths that, too often escape us. The collection is as heartwarming as it is provocative and could well establish another in iHeart’s legacy of popular relevance.

 “Power, Empathy and Doubt, I love how iHeart’s work makes us comfortable with each and unsettled with them all”

Ola Volo, 

Celebrated Muralist

The impact of the ‘street artist’ is, perhaps best understood with The Sound of Silence. By Paul Simon’s perspective, graffiti was the last available expression of anonymous protest, condemned to the places we do not see, subways and tenements. To the urban street artist, like iHeart, shining light and inspiring us to look is their duty and art, their language.

For the complete collection visit Art Rapture.

About iHeart  iHeart is an internationally renowned, Canadian based, guerrilla artist and social commentator whose identity has remained anonymous, despite promotion by the enigmatic Banksy (him/her/itself). Now iconic, in street art and muralism, iHeart’s ‘Nobody Likes Me’, was recognized as one of the world’s most popular and influential street artists and remains a vanguard of artistic protest in musing public expression.

About Art Rapture  Art Rapture is a fine art agency that produces solo exhibitions, group shows, NFT drops and limited-edition print runs for an exclusive roster of talented artists. Through a strict curation process, Art Rapture delivers collectability and longevity to their art patrons.


Ryan E. Watson

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