POV - Sean Jantzi 2019

POV was Sean Jantzi’s second solo exhibition with Art Rapture. After his first exhibition, It Was A Very Simple World, Sean spent nine months working on private commissions before redirecting his creative focus to POV. The exhibition is personal, featuring a large-scale self portrait and a gaze into Jantzi’s studio and home. In bold, flat colours, Jantzi’s paintings speak through a language of contemporary pop, where seductive connotations act like advertisements for a good life. 

In many of the paintings, hands, breasts and beings extend outward to suggest the viewer in a moment of action. Jantzi describes his perspectival painting as a play with the boundaries of the “fourth wall”, a convention in film and performance where an invisible wall separates the actors from the audience. Viewers are guided to imagine themselves in place of the paintings’ figures, taking on the roles of actors in summer scenes. 

In today’s social media landscape, where stories are habitually shared, followed, craved and desired, Jantzi’s paintings contemplate the sharing of personal experience in an enduring medium. Luminescent hues and crisp contours emulate a digital quality, and limbs hold a familiar frame. The series is provocative, as viewers are enticed to consider themselves as part of the story, and traverse Sean Jantzi’s point of view as a visual artist. 

- exhibition write up by Sarah Keppler