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September 14th, 2022


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Ryan E. Watson




Ola Volo to release “Queens Court”, a solo exhibition bringing together fans, collectors, media, students and web3 enthusiasts, all with an opportunity to engage with the artist. 

Vancouver, Canada (September 14th, 2022) - Ola Volo, celebrated female fine artist, will present her latest collection at the Emily Carr MOCAP event space in Vancouver, B.C. on October 6th, 2022. Queen’s Court showcases an eclectic mix of iconic royal imagery associated with the Queen, Jack, King and Joker. The portrayal of characters exude a raw, emotive vivacity synonymous with Volo's approach to folklore and storytelling through art. 

The Vancouver based, Art Rapture production will feature exquisite paintings and 4 unique NFT’s ahead of Ola Volo’s highly anticipated 3rd curated drop on Nifty Gateway, October 7th, 2022. 


About Ola Volo  Ola Volo (BFA, Emily Carr University) is a multi-medium Canadian artist originally from Kazakhstan. Her distinctive style is drawn from folklore, multiculturalism and personal experience. Her intricate works bring animals, people, architecture and nature together to articulate diverse stories rich with symbolism and elaborate forms. Amongst many others, Ola Volo's international clients include Starbucks, Louis Vuitton, Lululemon, Volkswagen and Virgin Voyages.

About Art Rapture  Art Rapture is a fine art agency and official publisher with Nifty Gateway that produces solo exhibitions, group shows, NFT drops and limited-edition print runs for an exclusive roster of talented artists. Through a strict curation process, Art Rapture delivers collectability and longevity to their art patrons.


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Ola Volo - Queen's Court