IHeart x Nifty Gateway


"Feedback Loop" is iHeart's inaugural NFT drop on Nifty Gateway

iHeart’s "Feedback Loop" is a digital art collection that delivers a satirical punch to the gut. Through raw elements of street art and succinct social commentary iHeart intertwines the connecting fabric between digital and physical realities.

May 25, 2022 at 6:30pm Eastern


Method: Auction

Medium: Programmable - 24 variations

Edition size: One of One

Price: n/a

Only the top bidder will receive this artwork.

"Hollowgram" is a programmable digital artwork. The NFT contract communicates directly with a 24-hour clock. Every hour, "Hollowgram" will change for a total of 24 transitions and then repeat for the ultimate collector's pleasure.

BONUS: iHeart will travel to the collector's home town and street bomb "Hollowgram" on to a random mural as a gift from the artist and collector to the community!


Method: Ranked Auction

Medium: Animated

Edition size: /5

Price: TBD

Note: The top 5 bidders of "The Missing Piece - animated" will receive the artwork.

In this animated rendition of “The Missing Piece” the girl reaches high, with sounds of a nearby schoolyard, on to her tippy toes and places the puzzle piece into the vacant heart. The heart is fulfilled and begins to beat. View full animation with audio here.

VR (Marty McFly)

Method: Open Edition

Medium: Animated

Edition size: TBD

Price: $222 (USD)

“VR” is a fan favorite showcasing the main character, Marty McFly from the hit trilogy, “Back to the Future.” Marty is wearing a VR head set and he is endlessly caught, glitching in and out of the physical and digital world. View full animation here


Method: Drawing

Medium: Still - Unique Variations

Edition size: 1/1 x 7 variations

Price: $888 (USD)

In this set of unique variations (7 unique one of ones), iHeart brings forth iconic symbolism of art history, fashion and culture bestowed upon the heart. Each successful collector will randomly receive one of the 7 unique variations.

This GIF illustrates all 7 possible variations. Successful collectors will recieve one of these variations, at random.


Rule #!: Love your collection

Rule #2: Evolve your collection

iHeart IG: @ihatestencils

Twitter: @art_rapture

IG: @artrapture