Art Rapture 2017

Art Rapture's 2017 theme was taken straight out of Al Capone’s playbook.  During the Prohibition era of the 1920’s, the infamous bootlegger, Al Capone, commented, “Prohibition made nothing but trouble.”  Even though the term prohibition immediately draws attention to the distribution of illicit alcohol and mobsters, there are deeper perspectives to the term prohibition and its impact on society.

For millennia, people in power have been forcing their views and laws on the backs of everyday people by prohibiting natural medicines, artistic expression, freedoms and education, to name a few.  At times, these laws stifle innovation, freedom of speech and basic human rights for those simply trying to find meaning and make progress in our world.  We live in a global society where people in numerous countries are being jailed and punished for smoking plants, expressing their individuality, marching for choice and exposing corruption in government.

Below are some photos and videos of our sophomore show.  #feeltherapture #nothingbuttrouble