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During the month of March 2021, Ola Volo embarked on a 42-foot mural project in partnership with the YWCA MetroVancouver to help bring the issue of domestic violence into the spotlight and raise money to support women and victims of abuse.

The "Wall for Women", located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, towers above the transit hub of Burrard St. and Melville St.  This mural has become synonymous with women's rights, the fight against domestic abuse.

Due to the immense popularity of this mural and an innate desire to raise funds for women in need, Art Rapture, Ola Volo, Rethink Canada and the YWCA Metro Vancouver have joined forces to produce a high quality limited edition print for collectors around the world.  Proceeds from all print sales will be donated to the YWCA Metro Vancouver.

ONE HOUR RELEASE - Limited edition print

Ola Volo will make the "YWCA for Women" print available to collectors around the world via a one hour time release.  The edition will be limited to the number of units sold during 60 minutes.  When the 60 minute mark is reached, the number of units sold will determine the edition size.  From there, we will move to production and Ola Volo will sign and number each print before shipping out to collectors.   Once the edition is determined, the "YWCA for Women" artwork will never be created again as a print, and the edition size will retain integrity for all collectors.

Example:  If 157 units are sold, the edition size will be /157


"Coming onto this project, I thought a lot about what it takes to leave a domestic violence situation. It made me think of a powerful, brave queen who grants herself love and opportunities to thrive. Crown held high, she’s looking forward to the future, protecting the fragile bird companion on her shoulder, and rising above the snake that’s trying to hold her down. 

I wanted the woman in this artwork to claim her confidence and her power back by taking up space. She isn’t small or fading into the background. She’s front and centre, and commands the attention she deserves – even in the busy streets of downtown Vancouver."  - Ola Volo

Click here for details on the "Wall for Women" mural.

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