Eternal Gaze - Ola Volo
Eternal Gaze - Ola Volo
Eternal Gaze - Ola Volo

Eternal Gaze - Ola Volo

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Eternal Gaze by Ola Volo

From the earliest days, Gustav Klimt's work has woven itself into my creative identity. His mesmerizing ability to capture the essence of femininity, to infuse it with ornate patterns and gilded ornaments, has left a definite mark on my artistic perspective.

I found myself drawn to Klimt's masterpieces. His portrayal of women shows strength and vulnerability in equal measure. The intricate mix of colors, patterns, and emotions that Klimt achieved in his pieces taught me to embrace complexity and celebrate the richness of decor, history, and folklore. The captivating allure of his female figures was not just in their physical beauty, but in the stories they seemed to carry within their eyes, their poses, and their fashion.

"Eternal Gaze" is a painting that pays homage to the artistic style of Klimt, while infusing it with my own twist. The central focus of the artwork is a woman who glances at you with timeless elegance and beauty. Her face and chest are rendered with intricate detail and patterns of cranes intermingle to create a sense of movement and depth.

Size: 30"W x 80"H
Year: 2023

Artist: Ola Volo

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