J1 OG - Jason Dussault
J1 OG - Jason Dussault
J1 OG - Jason Dussault

J1 OG - Jason Dussault

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J1 OG by Jason Dussault

The 2 works are the latest addition of Jason Dussault's KICKBACK Series. KICKBACK was launched during Art Basel Miami Dec 2018 where the collection sold out, and subsequently toured the world on the ‘KICKBACK WORLD TOUR’ is 2019, A number sculptures are held in Notable Private and Corporate Collections. Like many of his collections, KICKBACK reimagines the subject matter. Here, Jason elevates the sneaker as a form of fine art, paying tribute to the culture’s nostalgic past and opulent future.

“I believe that sneakers are the most widely collected artwork that maybe not everyone recognizes as artwork,” says Dussault. “I loved creating this collection as it preserves other artists’ designs for decades to come. There will be a time where most of the sneakers we love will be lost to decay, so recreating these works in a material that will last hundreds of years is very rewarding.”

Ceramic, Grout, Diamond Dust

Size: H 7.5" L 12.5" W 4.5"
Year: 2023

Artist: Jason Dussault